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Who can we work with?(23/12/07)Materialism, science and scientism(WiC 14/8/05) 22/12/07Beyond the Life of Brian – Sectarianism and the Left11/9/07Socialism and Spirituality 2 2/4/07‘Marx’s Vision of Sustainable Human Development’ by Paul Burkett 11/1/07Engels on the State 31/12/06Extract from ‘Greenism’ 16/10/06‘The Intellectuals’ from Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci
4/9/06‘The poet of dialectics’ by Francis Wheen, The Guardian 8 July 2006
23/7/06David Graeber, Preface’,
Towards an Anthropological Theory of Value: The False Coin of Our Own Dreams
(Palgrave Macmillan, 2002)
(Recommended at World in Common) 2/2/06Discussion on ‘secularism and ethics’ 24/5/05

World in Common beginnings 16/5/05

World in Common Justified,
by JP 14/5/05

Election as Myth 8/5/05

The military industrial complex 01/01/05

Murray Bookchin’s The Ecology of Freedom, Bookchin’s vision of ‘An Ecological Society

Exeter Socialists discussions:
for starters:
‘Marx and Marxism’,
(20 July 2004)

‘How do we achieve our objectives?’(13/9/04)

‘What is a United Front?’ (17/8/04) 29/9/04

‘Is veganism (part of) the solution?’ (7/9/04) 3/10/04

Is it possible to ‘green’ or ‘reform’ capitalism?
Marxist says ‘No’,
See also: Global Spin

Reconciling Red and Green
‘Marx’s ecology’,
John Bellamy Foster

Marx’s ecology in historical perspective 12/7/04

Marxism explained (4/6/04)‘The legacy of the 1960s’(19/9/04)

Socialism and Spirituality (21/12/04)

Revolutionary Humanism and the Anti-Capitalism Struggle 17/2/04
key ideas and (almost) full next of this book by Roy Ratcliffe on-line

Modified Marxism(9/11/08) 10/7/09Symbiotic model of human life on Earth 9/2/09Swidden, the real permaculture 8/6/08Ideology of food production2/6/08My library index, many on land, food etc. 26/4/08My father’s three concerns2/01/08‘the end of the world show’ 16/8/07Permaculture in New Internationalist, its Revolutionary Ethics expounded by Maddy Harland 3/7/07Communication 6/4/07Article on Gerrard Winstanley by George Monbiot
15/10/06‘The permaculture club’ by Martin Hodgson, in The Guardian, July 19, 2006
20/7/07‘The Crash’ by Patrick Whitefield 1/3/06Permaculture Neighbourhood Design Mini-conference 5/2/06“It’s capitalism or a habitable planet” by Robert Newman 2/2/06

Permaculture Evaluation Centre

Permaculture Institute of El Salvador, Annual Report 2004

Principles of deep ecology 9/9/04

What is Permaculture? 1/8/04

Design for Revolution Proposal 6/5/04

My problem with ‘permies’ 7/7/04

Did Bill Mollison produce the definitive ‘design for revolution’ 14 years ago? 2/10/04

An exciting and ambitious bioregionism initiative at proposal stage.
Web site will be: 16/9/04

Birthright: Land Law

Global Relocalization

Permaculture Audit
(first published Summer 1993)

Framework for Design for Revolution discussion / workshop 19/9/04

‘Making permaculture “mainstream friendly”’ workshop

Handout 4/9/04

Write-up 12/9/04


World in Common, ~200 Links31/1/08Renewed anarchist organization ZACF7/12/07Radical Anthropology Group (RAD)
Radical Anthropology Journal Issue 1 26/11/07Revolutions Per Minute(RPM) 15/11/07Note: a link which is Black and Green!
Escanda4/3/07Building an Anarchist International 4/3/07Proposed Communist Settlement 1/12/06Anarcho-Syndicalism, Technology and Ecology 29/11/06What about the “Tragedy of the Commons”? Surely communal ownership will lead to overuse and environmental destruction? 31/7/06The Red & Anarchist Action Network27/4/06‘The New Anarchists’,
article by David Graeber
5/4/06International Endowment for Democracy 31/3/06Solidarity economics 19/3/06Paul Avrich is dead 25/2/06

Britain: Campaign for a New Workers Party

What anarchism is all about 17/2/06

‘The Communitarian Anarchism Of Gustav Landauer’, Larry Gambone 10/2/06
Extract: Landauer on The State

Anarchism and a moneyless economy 4/2/06

Internationalists Discussion Network
and Links 23/1/06

Web site of an SPGB comrade I used to know

Immaterial Labour In The Digital Economy 9/1/06

a. Is a moneyless economy possible? 2/12/05
b. Ideological intransigence, democratic centralism and cultism: a case study from the political left

Anarchist Theory 5/11/05

‘In these last days of history, the only hope we have is each other’

references on ‘Ethics’

Socialist Labor Party 5/8/05

Alliance for Green Socialism (nice web site) 14/5/05

Reform or Revolution 3/5/05

Marxist Writers 2/5/05

The Socialist Party 1/5/5

abolishmoneynow by Ernie Reynolds 24/4/05

World in Common 10/2/05

What is Social Ecology? 7/1/05

Following discussion on ‘potential abundance’ a comrade gave these links:
‘Accumulation of Capital ’ – Rosa Luxemberg;
especially Chapter 27 and
‘On Historical Materialism’ – Franz Mehring: 16/4/05

What Is Alienation? by Lewis S. Feuer 14/4/05

Exeter Socialists home page 19/2/05

Institute for Social Ecology

Interview with Murray Bookchin

ESF: Life Despite Capitalism

SPGB book review ?/5/00

Latest link:
Extracts from Radical Ecologyby Carolyn Merchant 11/3/09‘Don’t give up’, Michael Pollan 7/6/08Note: a link which is Red and Green!
Ecosocialist International Network 1/11/07 Landmatters permaculture project gets planning consent26/8/07Escanda4/3/07Good Gardeners Association4/3/07Path to Freedom
29/11/06On Topsoil and Civilization 29/11/06 28/11/06Sustainable Production in Active Neighbourhoods (SPAN) 1/11/06Land and Freedom: The Diggers 18/10/06Food First 16/10/06‘Transition Culture: An Evolving Exploration into the Head, Heart and Hands of Energy Descent’ 4/9/06Natural Farming at Rasulia, India 12/3/06

New paradigms:
Philosophy and Science of Music in Ancient Greece: The Predecessors of Pythagoras and their Contribution’ by Graham Pont

After the oil crash 28/1/06

Environment, Capitalism and Socialism, online book
Green Left Weekly, online newspaper

Plants for a Future 26/10/05

The Forum for a Sustainable Zorrozaurre urban community14/5/05

Permaculture Evaluation Centre: ecohouse and garden project 5/5/05
Route to permaculture discussion forum

Patrick Whitefield, The Earth Care Manual (East Meon, Hampshire: Permanent Publications, 2004)

Permaculture Association, Britain 30/6/04

Permaculture Magazine and Permanent Publications 7/7/04

Ecovillage Network 7/7/04

Books on land degradation

George Sessions, Deep Ecology (Layton, Utah: Gibbs Smith, 1985)On ‘the male condition’ 24/11/04
Threatened ecosystems
Brazilian Cerrado

Sharon Beder, Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism (Dartington, Devon: Green Books, 2002)

Check these out
Cultivating Confusion 17/7/04
(first published March 1991)

Down to Earth Religion
(first published July 1991) Israel & Palestine discussion 6/2/05Honouring the Chicken 8/3/04


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